Parish History

St. Joseph of Arimathea was founded in 1963 as the Chapel of Our Savior and, with the Church of Our Savior in Gallatin Tennessee, formed a single mission of the Episcopal Church in Sumner County. St. Joe’s was received into the Diocese of Tennessee as a mission in its own right, named after St. Joseph of Arimathea, in January of 1967.

The congregation became a self-supporting parish in 1975.

The following clergy have served the parish over the years:

  • 1963-1966                     The Rev. William R. Baird, Vicar
  • 1966-1970                     The Rev. John Lohmann, Vicar
  • 1970-1972                     The Rev. Richard Williams, Vicar
  • 1973-1981                     The Rev. John C. Sterling, Vicar & Rector
  • 1982-1991                     The Rev. Paul Sheilds Walker, Rector
  • 1992-1998                     The Rev. Middleton Wooton, Rector
  • Oct. 1998-Nov. 1999     The Rev. James Hall, Interim
  • 1999-2001                     The Rev. Samuel R. Clarke, Rector
  • 2003-2007                     The Rev. Patrick Allen, Rector
  • 2007-2009                     The Rev. Jill Zook-Jones, Interim
  • 2010-present                 The Rev. Joseph B. Howard, Rector