The Episcopal Church Women

The purpose of the Episcopal Church Women (ECW) is to relate the entire women of the parish to the whole goal of the Church through a program of worship, study, services, gifts and fellowship in the hopes that each may find her place in the parish and mission of the church.

The membership of this organization consists of all women of St. Joseph of Arimathea Episcopal Church and other women interested in the purpose of this organization. To find out more about this organization, contact the church at 615-824-2910 or email: for the contact person.

The Episcopal Church Women maintain and operate a gift shop in the Undercroft (St. Francis Hall). The shop sells Episcopal prayer books and approved bibles. The items may be purchased between the Sunday Services 9:15 am to 10:15 and after the 10:30 service. Parishioners can order any of the prayer books or bibles. The ECW also sells items such as lotions, oils and creams from Thistle Farms. Thistle Farms, a Nashville based 501(c)(3) organization, has been established to help women who are survivors of trafficking, prostitution, addiction and homelessness.

In addition, ECW has partnered with the local Daughters-of-the King prayer group in support of the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Sumner County. The ECW supports the center through donations of baby items throughout the year.

The next Episcopal Church Women meeting will be held Thursday, January 19, 2017, at 6:30 p.m. in the undercroft (St. Francis Hall).

A soup luncheon will be held on Sunday, March 19, 2017 after the 10:30 a.m. service.