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The History of St. Joseph of Arimathea Episcopal Church

St. Joseph of Arimathea finds its place in a story that began in the beginning of time. We believe we have become a part of this story through a relationship with God made possible through Jesus Christ and the community of His people. 

Our parish was founded in 1963 as the Chapel of Our Savior and, with the Church of Our Savior in Gallatin, Tennessee, formed a single mission of the Episcopal Church in Sumner County. St. Joe’s was received into the Diocese of  Tennessee as a mission in its own right, named after St. Joseph of Arimathea, in January of 1967. 

Who We Are

We desire to seek the welfare of the city in which God has placed us and value intentional engagement in our neighborhoods. In short, we wish to honor the Lord in thought, word, and deed, and take part in the mission of God here in Hendersonville.

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How We Worship

As a worshipping community with roots in the Church of England, we operate under the authority of the Bishop of  Tennessee as a constituent member of the Anglican Communion. On any given Sunday, we read the same Scripture and share liturgy being used in 165 countries amongst parishes that speak more than 2,000 languages. 


Welcome to St. Joseph of Arimathea Episcopal Church. We hope you will discover your place in the story of Scripture with us.

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